Algorand DeFi Powerhouse: Tinyman’s Period #10

3 min readJan 5, 2024

Hello Algofam! As we launch into the tenth round of our Targeted DeFi Rewards Program, we’re delighted to share our plans and latest achievements with you. This time around, we’re distributing a massive 1,750,000 $ALGO, along with additional $ALGO and ASA rewards, to inject even more vitality into the Algorand DeFi space.

This new phase promises an enhanced experience for all, as we continue to collaborate with pioneering projects, doubling up on rewards and amplifying the excitement and benefits for our vibrant community.🚀

Period #9 Review: Advancing in DeFi 💪

Reflecting on our progress since Governance Period #9, Tinyman has successfully distributed over 1,485,000 $ALGO (with %80 of it already claimed), supporting our community and its diverse activities. You can view the details of these distributed rewards. Alongside this, additional rewards were contributed by leading projects, further enriching our ecosystem. Let’s take a look at the key metrics showcasing our growth:

  • An impressive 110% increase in Total Value Locked (TVL in USD)
  • 35% rise in Certified TVL for TDR Reporting (GP9 vs GP10: 54.4M > 73.7M)
  • 10% rise in Liquidity Providers (LPs), highlighting the growing involvement of our community members. (7500 LPs > 8300 LPs)
  • 80% increase in active farmers
  • A dominant 70% of Algorand ASA-ASA trade activity, highlighting our platform’s central role in the ecosystem..

More $ALGO, More Opportunities

In our ongoing efforts to support the Algorand DeFi ecosystem, we’re distributing 1,750,000 $ALGO this period. This represents a 17.85% increase from the previous period, aligning with our ALGO TVL’s growth from 54M to 74M. 🔥 Now, we’re boosting our ecosystem by enhancing 70 different ASA pairs (with partnership programs alongside the TDR) in our V2 pools, based on these criteria:

  • A minimum TVL of $20,000 USD
  • A trading volume of $50,000 in the last 3-months
  • Sufficient LP numbers in the pools — at least 50 LPs for ALGO/ASA pairs
  • Recognition as a Trusted or Verified asset by Pera Wallet’s ASA Verification Program
  • Note: Pools that do not meet these criteria but still incentivized are partnership pools.

Get ready! New farms will be live on the Tinyman UI starting next week. Dive into your farming journey with us soon.

Updated Rewards Allocation

(Latest Updates) We’ve adjusted our rewards, focusing on a better balance:

  • Boosted ALGO/USDC at the expense of gALGO/ALGO.
  • YLDY rewards are off the table.
  • Introducing the new xUSD/ALGO pool, in partnership with xBacked.

Doubling Rewards with Our Partners

Our previous collaborations have yielded significant outcomes, and we are excited to integrate even more projects into our rewarding program, designed to double the benefits for participants.

We want to express a big thank you to Algo Casino, Defly Wallet, Gora, Polkagold, Planets, Coop, Vestige, Cosmic Champs, MessinaOne, Folks Finance, MeldGold, and Algomint for joining us and doubling rewards.

If your project is willing to collaborate and provide incentives to your user base, please feel free to Apply for Tinyman Farms.

New and updated farms are highlighted

Tinyman’s Road Ahead

Looking forward, Tinyman is set for exciting developments. This year, we’re gearing up for the much-anticipated launch of Tinyman Governance & Token, a step towards greater community involvement. Also, stay tuned for the reveal of our 2024 roadmap, detailing the innovative strides we plan. Big things are on the horizon!

Thank you, Algorand community, project partners, and all fellow adventurers on this journey. Let’s stay connected 💚, you can find us on our community channels:

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Tinyman is a re-imagined decentralized trading protocol that utilizes the fast and secure framework of the Algorand blockchain