Boosted Farms by Tinyman “Targeted Defi Rewards #8”

4 min readJul 11, 2023


Hello, Algorand community! We are thrilled to announce that the Targeted DeFi Rewards Program is moving forward, bringing along even more rewards, broader collaborations, and diverse options for all.

Boosted Farms by Tinyman

Your active engagement and contribution continue to shape the DeFi landscape for the upcoming quarter. As the recipient of the Governance Reward Program up to 1,530,000.00 ALGO, Tinyman is eager to launch our enhanced Liquidity Provider (LP) farms, a step that continues our commitment to innovation and growth.

What are the Targeted Defi Rewards?

Targeted DeFi Rewards (TDR) is a growth-focused initiative in the Algorand DeFi ecosystem, providing extra incentives to leading projects. This approach, first introduced in Governance Period #4, has led to new quarterly incentive proposals for community voting and discussion. As we embark on this new period, we, at Tinyman, are brimming with excitement and hope. With continued community participation and interaction, we believe this period will prove to be a remarkable journey for all of us.

In Governance Period #7, an initiative was launched to distribute 7.5 million ALGO to deserving DeFi projects, ensuring these funds are used to stimulate their communities. Following this, project selection guidelines were established. A further evaluation was performed to make sure different types of DeFi applications were considered for a balanced distribution. Consequently, 11 DeFi projects, each having a Total Value Locked (TVL) of a minimum of 500,000.00 $ALGO, were selected, and this list included Tinyman.

Distributing the Rewards

For the previous period, Tinyman farms were set for 75 days, and 687k $ALGO have been distributed through the 20 pools. 70% of all LPs participated in Farming Programs, and more than 4000 farmers made more than 12k individual commitments in total.

For the next period, our team has again committed to executing this responsibility with meticulous planning and diligence. The outlined strategy will effectively bolster our ecosystem and provide crucial support to projects with pools under our contracts.

Our farm selection criteria are in accordance with the principles of the TDR program. We are set to establish 25 farms for V2 pools of ASAs adhering to the following criteria:

  • A minimum TVL of $10,000 USD
  • A trading volume of $150,000 USD in 2023 (with two projects as the only exceptions.)
  • A large and distributed number of LP shares in the pools
  • A Trusted or Verified asset by Pera Wallet

The farms will run for a span of 90 days, during which 1,426,000.00 Algo will be distributed in daily cycles. The remaining portion is allocated for the new tokens and growth opportunities. The comprehensive list of farms is available below:

Targeted Algorand DeFi Farms in Tinyman

All farms have been set up and await your engagement via the Tinyman app.


You can track these ALGOs and verify distributions that all flow from our Gov wallet: PIESEM6TYRTY4U3RSOJBVSLKDBZHR56OXIIO5YSRTTY45TTWG26Z33HQFY

Supercharging Rewards: Algorand Projects Double the Benefits

The Algorand ecosystem consistently impresses us with its generosity.

Certain projects have stepped up, offering double rewards as an extra incentive. We sincerely appreciate the valuable contributions made by the teams at Folks Finance, Defly, Goracle, Cosmic Champs, Algogems, Headline, Cometa, and ZONE.

Extra Rewards by Algorand Projects

These rewards can be viewed as a separate option in the corresponding farm sections.

Remember, you can always commit to more than 1 farm option available for 1 LP token. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to double-dips!

What’s Next

More exciting updates on Tinyman will come this summer. As the DeFi ecosystem in Algorand flourishes, Tinyman relishes the chance to contribute to its progress. We’re thankful for the great support from the Algorand community and the projects that have outdone themselves in providing additional incentives.

As for projects, if you want to collaborate with us and give incentives to your user base, you can always Apply for Tinyman Farms.

We encourage everyone to share their thoughts and join us on this exciting journey via our social media platforms. Your continued support is deeply appreciated!

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