More Rewards, More Growth: Targeted DeFi Rewards #9 is here!

3 min readOct 6, 2023


Hello Algofam! A huge thank you and lots of excitement are coming your way as we dive into our ninth round of the Targeted DeFi Rewards Program! We’re distributing 1,485,000 $ALGO, plus some extra $ALGO and ASA rewards, to give the Algorand DeFi space an extra boost. This chapter brings more fun and rewards as we keep working with new projects to double up rewards, making our shared adventure even more rewarding and fun for everyone involved.

Celebrating Our Growth Together 🎉

Looking back at Governance Period #8, Tinyman already handed out over 1,426,000 (80% of it claimed till today) $ALGO to give our community and its activities a lift. You can see the distributed rewards at this address. Additionally, more rewards were kindly contributed by various projects and distributed through farms. Period #8 witnessed exemplary growth across various metrics. Here’s a snapshot of our uplifting journey together:

  • 7% increase in Total Value Locked (TVL)
  • 10% rise in Liquidity Providers (LPs)
  • A lively 20% increase in farmers, now numbering over 5,000
  • A noteworthy 10% rise in farm commitments, now exceeding 15,000!

New Farming Adventure Awaits! 🌾

We’re thrilled to distribute a significant 1,485,000 $ALGO to further empower the Algorand DeFi ecosystem. We’re boosting 29 different ASA pairs with our V2 pools, adhering to the following criteria:

  • A minimum TVL of $10,000 USD
  • A trading volume of $150,000 USD in 2023
  • Sufficient LP numbers in the pools
  • Recognition as a Trusted or Verified asset by Pera Wallet’s ASA Verification Program

New farms will be available on Tinyman UI next week! Get ready to start your farming journey with us.

Standing Strong with Our Partners 💪

Working through the DeFi space, our partnerships have played a big part in our story. Each partnership has helped us grow, bringing more people together and making our platform even more useful. Our past work with other projects has brought great things, and now, we’re happy to welcome even more projects into our doubling-rewards program.

A big thank you goes to FolksFinance, Defly, Coop, AlgoMint, Akita, Headline, AlgoGems, CosmicChamps, Cometa, Vestige, AlgoScout, GORA, and Block for joining us and helping move all of our goals forward. Your involvement not only enriches our journey but also directly amplifies the rewards for our community on 15 different asset pairs.🔥

It’s also important to note that our work has made up a huge 75% of ALGO <> ASA pool activity, making swaps in the Algorand ecosystem easier and more direct.

If your project is keen to collaborate and provide incentives to your user base, please feel free to Apply for Tinyman Farms.

A Quick Mention of the Tinyman Swap Widget and Future Endeavors

We’re delighted to spotlight our latest innovation, the Tinyman Swap Widget, facilitating developers with an effortless method to incorporate first-rate DeFi functionalities with just a single line of code. This innovative tool ensures the best swap rates for users and will support Tinyman’s standing, enabling 90% of the ALGO -> ASA swaps in the ecosystem.

🙏 Lastly, big thanks to the Algorand community, our project partners, and all of you joining us on this thrilling journey. Let’s keep in touch on socials and forge a bright future together with Algorand and web3!

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