Announcing New Partnership with Moonpay

4 min readNov 30, 2021


Tinyman partners up with Moonpay

Tinyman announces a new partnership with Moonpay, a cryptocurrency payment application.

Moonpay considers itself to be a “creator of a simple and secure software solution that would enable people from all over the world to participate in the biggest digital revolution since the internet”.

Tinyman will use Moonpay’s services to introduce an on ramp in the platform, enabling a seamless method for depositing various cryptocurrencies using supported credit cards and other payment methods.

How does it work?

Go to Tinyman website:

On the top right of the page, the left-most icon will read ”Add Funds via Moonpay”, click on it.

Tinyman: Add Funds via Moonpay

A pop-up will appear with a menu on the top-right corner along with other details. You can fill out these details to continue to deposit funds. Enter in the USD amount you want to deposit and continue to confirm your email address. On the next pages, you will be taken to Moonpay’s payment pipeline where you will be required to put in your credit card information and confirm the relevant transaction.

Tinyman will automatically fill out wallet details with your connected wallet and choose ALGO by default. However, we urge you to double-check all the information you fill in Moonpay’s forms, including the wallet address.

If you run into any problems topping up your wallet you may always contact Moonpay at this link: Moonpay Customer Support

Broaden the use-cases

One of the biggest hurdles of establishing a platform on the blockchain is to offer the ability to introduce real-life usability for new innovative applications of the sector. One way to get over these hurdles would be bridging the gap between the value we use in our daily lives and the values proposed by the innovations of the industry. As new technologies and new ideas continue emerging, access to these technologies becomes more and more vital.

Bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies on Algorand was an important step in Tinyman’s roadmap. With Moonpay integration, users now have equal access to all Assets on the Algorand blockchain and they can top-up their wallets and start interacting with the pools in the platform in a mere 1-minute window.

Tinyman’s new friends: Moonpay

In order to further strengthen Tinyman’s cause, and invite our community to check out this new feature, we have set the Tinyman platform’s commission in Moonpay transactions to “0”-zero. The team decided that the platform will have no stream of income from these transactions until a vote may be cast on governance to introduce it. Until that time, our users can enjoy depositing funds directly to their connected wallets without paying additional commissions to Tinyman.

Tinyman considers enabling access as one of its main ambitions and it believes that easier and broader access would mean improved quality of user experience as they reach this new tech. This also means that with more endpoints, more people can discover the platform, so Tinyman can make more friends along the way. As DeFi gets easier to be discovered and used, Tinyman wishes to show it to a wider audience and grow the platform’s diversified userbase.

DeFi on Algorand is a rapidly growing ecosystem. More ideas surface and new projects are launched each day. We at Tinyman are proud to watch how it prospers to create new realms and fresh communities. As Algorand’s DeFi grows bigger, more projects will find room to find roots and solid innovations can come to life. As Tinyman team, we are happy to see that our applications are being used by vast communities to reach out to these Assets.

Community-first approach

For the past month, we have been sharing updates on a weekly basis and we would love to hear back on what you think is going great and what you think is not. We are closely studying every post you make on our channels and re-shaping our roadmap according to your demands and needs. In the following days, we will be revealing new organizational changes on the community side but until then you may keep reaching out to us on our links you can find below.




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