Pera Integrates Tinyman Swap

Pera Wallet has completed a full integration of Tinyman’s swap flow within their mobile app, and it is a sight to behold!

4 min readNov 29, 2022
Pera integrates Tinyman Swap

Pera Wallet launched a major update to their Android app that incorporates the Tinyman swap feature. This new version allows users to swap their ASAs via the Tinyman protocol, all without leaving the Pera app. The “Swap in Pera” feature effectively saves time and reduces the hassle for users who want to perform a quick trade. We’re expecting Pera’s iOS app to launch a matching update soon.

This is a huge step towards giving more people access to DeFi. Tinyman is stoked to see the Algorand ecosystem continue to prosper, with dApps working together to lift each other to new heights. A major wallet is now making use of Tinyman’s liquidity and smart contracts to offer its users a swift swapping experience. We really appreciate the hard work of the Pera team to see this sprint through and we believe such features will carry us to the next evolution of Algorand DeFi, where the ecosystem can offer an all-encompassing financial toolkit to all users.

Before we tell you more about Pera Wallet, let’s revise how you can start using the “Swap in Pera” functionality:

“Swap in Pera”

To start using “Swap in Pera”, make sure you have the latest version:

  • Go to Pera App
  • Navigate to the Swap section
  • Select the input and output assets
  • Check your numbers and confirm the swap
Swap in Pera tutorial part 1

Wait for the transaction to go through the Algorand chain.

And voila! You have completed your first swap in a Tinyman pool without leaving your Pera app. Note that this swap is made on the existing Tinyman pools with matching rates. (There will be a small Pera convenience fee added to your transaction).

Swap in Pera tutorial part 2

Introducing Tinycell !

Tinyman is proud of this new Pera feature, so it has a special gift for Algofam!

Here is the special Tinycell!
An NFT you can use to access a discount of Pera’s convenience fees for a period of time. More details will come around specifics soon, but for now, know that holding this will allow you to significantly reduce your fees.

Tinycell: NFT by Tinyman, created for Pera users

Tinyman and Pera will be distributing the NFT via a special giveaway campaign. To maximize your chances, make sure you participate in both rounds.

Ways to enter the giveaway: (each step can be completed once per account)

1- Retweet or comment on Tinyman’s Tinycell tweet (10 Tinycells): LINK
2- Use Swap in Pera (90 Tinycells, 45 for Android&iOS each): LINK

The results of the giveaway will be announced on Twitter accounts and the Pera app.

Tinyman Twitter
Pera Twitter

More about Pera Wallet

As much as we support all forms of innovation, we feel more secure and excited with technology that adheres to the principles shared by Tinyman.

Pera Wallet is a distinguished application in the Algorand Blockchain that serves as a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. Self-custodial wallets are one of the cornerstones of the decentralized architecture of web3. This type of wallet app enables users to preserve their wallet information in their local device storage, therefore precluding any sort of 3rd party access to addresses. Pera Wallet users still have accounts connected to Pera’s systems that establish a connection between the application and the user for increased user experience. However, this connection is strictly exempted from accessing the seed phrase information, the information blockchain provides address owners to possess, protect access, and sign transactions on the very same addresses.

Put simply, as a self-custodial wallet, Pera gives you complete control of your crypto.

Pera reshapes the wallet experience for Algorand users with state-of-the-art functionalities, integrations with NFTs and ecosystem dApps. Pera’s goal is to improve both retail and institutional adoption of Algorand through working with the community and emphasis on delivering cutting-edge innovations.

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