Testnet Weekly Update

Tinyman after a long day’s work

Last week, we presented the Tinyman Platform to our community on the Testnet. The main purpose was to help Tinyman combine efforts with everyone who wishes to contribute to look for additional ideas and explore any existing bugs and vulnerabilities before the Mainnet Launch. We asked you to experiment with Tinyman platform’s functionalities which includes swapping, adding/removing liquidity, and redeeming as well as the features on the design and operational side.

Tinyman was extremely delighted with the amount of interest the platform received. In 1 week, we saw 4729 transactions carried out and 78 pools created, some of which had additional liquidity pouring in from multiple providers, reaching 1169 pool operations and 1363 swaps. In total, 617 accounts were connected to the platform with MyAlgo Wallets and registered some sort of activity.

Your immense response gave us the opportunity to double down on some issues pointed out in our channels and add new topics on the roadmap. We will now share some of the responses Tinyman wishes to underline and what we have been focusing on during this past week.

Some Tricks For A Smoother Ride

As the Tinyman Platform opened its doors, many users ran back to our bug-reporting channels on Discord and Telegram to report the problems they encountered. Tinyman developers have been online both to help you with these problems and to ticket the issues that needed further fixing.

Before we dive into talking about particular fixes and enhancements, let us take a moment to give you a couple basic pointers for a better experience.

We would like to remind our community that, similar to other web-applications, a portion of the impediments you come across do not fall (or should not fall) under Tinyman platform’s functionalities. Some of the issues voiced by the community were about these sorts of errors.

Tinyman devs giving it to the pop-up issue

For instance, one of the most common feedback we received was the one about the repeating failure of Tinyman pop-ups. Since the platform is utilizing pop-up features specifically for allowing users to sign their transactions, it is imperative that users enable tinyman.org to push for pop-ups to be able to make a transaction. Our developers already introduced some improvements in the code on the integration of Tinyman with MyAlgo Wallet fixing a possible erroneous blocking. However, you may also adjust your settings to allow tinyman.org and MyAlgo Wallet push you pop-ups and make sure you will be able to access the signing stage.

Another recurring suggestion coming from the community was to “not ask for passwords every single time”. Although this practice may prove to be annoying, MyAlgo Wallet requires your authorization in order to ensure security.

Fixes & Updates

A tiny push by the team

Yesterday, our development team pushed a new release of the Tinyman Platform and shared a list of fixes and updates with the community on Discord. There were some minor fixes like the “token token” typo as well as some major developments which we hope will enhance your experience. Follow this link to check out the conversation.

One item that stood out in the update was about the “asset listing” problem that troubled both the swap and pool pages. Many users wrote that they experienced difficulties in locating an existing Asset in Tinyman’s asset lists when they searched it with the corresponding ID or the Asset name. It was a head scratcher especially for those who had just created an Asset and the pool only to see their Asset “getting lost” in the lists. With the latest fix, we repaired the asset lists and the search functions on the swap and pool pages. Along with this fix, we also changed the section “Popular Pools” to “All Pools” to allow our users to discover new Assets.

Another resolved bug was about the unwanted disappearance of the redeem functionality of the second Asset in a burning and redeeming scenario. The team fixed this issue, so users can now redeem both Assets after burning.

The platform is also updated to show “insufficient balance” in cases where users try swapping with more funds than they are holding, rather than trying and obviously failing to make the transaction. Similarly, the platform now prevents attempts to add liquidity with assets not held by the user.

Highlights of the Week

Tinyman deeply cares for the inclusivity as we explained earlier and we understand that platform’s usability is a major factor in welcoming a broad range of users. On our telegram channel, we received an important feedback about an aspect we had not paid attention to before:

Feedback on Tinyman Telegram Channel

This feedback led us to begin designing a more accessible interface, stripped of the gifs and colorful displays it hopes most of you are currently enjoying. Tinyman will inform the community once the update is ready and ask for your further opinions.

One other topic we feel is worth bringing up is about the ability to calculate “profits” or “fees incurred” in favor of the liquidity providers. At the moment, the platform shows the exact amount of liquidity provided for any pool. The providers who possess these pool tokens, can keep track of the difference between the amount they provided to the pool and the amount they are currently holding. Once we launch the analytics section, users will be able to see their “profits” made from their pool tokens.

Building Together

We highly appreciate all ideas coming our way. Constructive and innovative solutions are extremely valuable while building a comprehensive application. Moreover, we believe in the genius of its community and cherish their contribution. We feel elated when we can include your ideas, your passions, and solutions to your problems in what we’re creating.

Tinyman and its friends are waiting to listen to more of your ideas on our channels, don’t forget to pay a visit!






Tinyman is a re-imagined decentralized trading protocol that utilizes the fast and secure framework of the Algorand blockchain