Tinyman AMM Protocol is on Mainnet!

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5 min readOct 7, 2021


Let Tinyman’s journey begin!

Tinyman AMM protocol on the Algorand blockchain is deployed on mainnet. Let’s hear it from the man of the hour.


“Me and my friends have been designing this vehicle for the past several months with the ambition to bring you a safe, inclusive and efficient engine in which you would be able to freely swap, create pools, and track transactional activities. After many test drives, countless controls and a lot of sleepless nights, I am proud to announce that today is the day I take it out of my garage for a spin around the block!

I am thankful to our community who have always been generous with their support and participation. It was amazing to see how you reacted during the testing stage (It was crazy to see 43409 wallets opt-in just on the test net!). I want to remind you that this is just the start of a long journey into a financial world where we aim to bring inclusivity and equality to this sector.

Before we start this journey together I want to remind everyone that finance is an extremely important topic on an individual level and tools like this should be taken very seriously. I highly recommend you to do your own research and learn more about this world before diving in. Just know that you are responsible for your actions so take them seriously. I hope to meet you all on the road and share many stories with you along the way”


Tinyman’s excitement today is well deserved! It was a bold challenge to begin the creation of an inclusive space for everyone regardless of the size of their “economics”. To overcome many difficulties of building such a tool, Tinyman chose to work with Algorand, as it was inspired by the unique structure of this blockchain that could allow for a decentralized, fast and low-cost AMM protocol. Tinyman designed the whole structure of the protocol to run on smart contracts, thus avoiding any third-party intervention to the transactions. This is key, all actions should be made by and controlled by our users. We hope you enjoy the Tinyman AMM and we can’t wait to get your thoughts on how we can improve your experience.

Tinyman: Fasten Your Seat Belt

Important Reminder

We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that Tinyman is the first decentralized protocol in the Algorand blockchain where you can purchase other Assets, so you should proceed with caution at all times. Since this is the mainnet version of Tinyman, your use of the Tinyman protocol involves various risks, including, but not limited to, losses while digital assets are being supplied to the Tinyman protocol and losses due to the fluctuation of prices of tokens in a trading pair or liquidity pool. Before using the Tinyman protocol, you should review the relevant documentation to understand how the Tinyman protocol works. You are hundred percent responsible for your own funds and the transactions you initiate in the platform. You should note that as solely a technology provider, Tinyman does not have access to any of the funds, actions, and liquidity. The Tinyman protocol provided “as is”, at your own risk, without warranties of any kind. For further details please refer to the documentation provided.

Tinyman Platform and the Algorand World

Tinyman equips its users with the necessary tools and gives full control to them via smart contracts. This means that only you can connect your Algorand wallet, swap your Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs), launch your own Assets pairs on the platform or provide liquidity. To study Tinyman smart contracts, you can go to this link or you can read Tinyman’s announcement about the smart contract audit completion by Runtime Verfication, whose report detailed the process as well as the results, to show that the Tinyman protocol is fully permissionless and trustless.

Algorand Empowered Engine in Tinyman

Tinyman platform allows the trading and liquidity provision for all ASAs. This is a unique opportunity for opening new access routes to the Algorand world and all the Assets on it, which will probably gain more support and drive their adoption within the community. However Tinyman is not connected to any Assest or Pools, as a protocol we are equally distant from any asset, we are just the platform and anything that happens on this protocol is not related to the project. Tinyman also added the “validated asset” indicator to show for the assets that are recognized officially by the Algorand Foundation. We see this to be a crucial step for our users but these verifications are supplied by the Algorand Foundations.

How to Navigate in the Platform

Tinyman knows that it can be puzzling or even terrifying for a lot of users to navigate in a platform. After all, it is real money and you do not want to misplace it through unwanted swaps or pool creations. That’s why, Tinyman will keep the Testnet version alive for now, so you will have the chance to keep testing your own trading without fearing a possible loss. On top of that, Tinyman has just put up a new video series, “Tinyman Tutorials”, in which it demonstrates how to make the first set of simple transactions. Don’t forget to check it out!

Tinyman Youtube Channel

Tinyman Wallet Connect, Swap, Pool Creation

Visit Tinyman and Voice Your Opinions

When it’s not working on the platform, Tinyman is a big lurker in the chat rooms. It reads all your messages and keeps track of all you suggestions and feedback. To keep Tinyman happy, you can join our chat rooms, follow our social media accounts, and keep your ideas coming!









Tinyman is a re-imagined decentralized trading protocol that utilizes the fast and secure framework of the Algorand blockchain