Tinyman Announces Partnership with Exodus Wallet

3 min readSep 22, 2022

“Our multi-chain browser extension provides a gateway to the world of Web3,” describes JP Richardson, CEO and Co-Founder of Exodus Wallet.

Tinyman Announces Partnership with Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet, the self-custodial cryptocurrency software platform, announced the addition of Algorand support in its browser-based Web3 Wallet on the 15th of September. Their wallet is the first multi-chain application where Algorand network meets with other blockchains in the same space.

Following this uplifting news from the Algorand ecosystem, we’d like to announce a partnership agreement between the Exodus Wallet and Tinyman teams. The partnership will be comprised of updates on the Tinyman Platform and Exodus App as well as marketing activities and joint initiatives.

Our collaboration starts with the full integration of the Exodus Wallet to Tinyman. Exodus users can now connect and sign transactions on Tinyman Platform, using their apps on mobile devices via QR or with extensions on Chrome and Brave browsers.

  • How to Connect: After creating a profile on Exodus wallet, go to Tinyman app. Click “Connect Wallet” and “Exodus Wallet”. The platform should automatically read your browser extension connection or provide you a QR which you can scan with your Exodus app.

About Exodus Wallet

Let us talk a little bit more about Exodus and what they will bring to Algorand ecosystem.

Exodus aims to unlock the full potential of Algorand with their new, browser-based Web3 Wallet. They created a seamless experience for people to enjoy the advanced features of the Algorand blockchain. You can use Exodus to collect and view Algorand NFTs and effortlessly participate in DeFi. You can DL the new Exodus Web3 Wallet here.

Let’s hear it from JP Richardson once again for more:
“Customers can send, receive, exchange, stake and HODL cryptocurrency, use dApps, and expand their NFT collection all within the Exodus Web3 wallet. It was built from the ground up with safety, ease-of-use, and beautiful design in mind.

We are early adopters and advocates of Algorands speed and efficiency and were among the first to leverage digital securities on Algorand. We represent our publicly traded Exodus shares with tokens on the Algorand blockchain.

We are proud to expand Algorand support across our platform and look forward to growing with the Algorand community.”

Tinyman and Exodus together

We share Exodus Wallet team’s excitement about their inauguration in Algorand. It is crucial to have more apps pouring in to our beloved blockchain. On top of that, it is a game-changer to see actual company securities being launched as an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA).

Algorand is Growing

Tinyman is eager to take part in the growth of Algorand space, whether it should require our efforts on technology, marketing, business initiative, or any other side. We value all contributions from established companies and members of the community equally. If you have any ideas, comments, or feedback for us, feel free to step into our socials and share your insights.

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