Tinyman Compensation Program

Tinyman's new invention: Compensator 3000

I did that. Now, give us some details!

Tinyman is grateful for all the support

Scenarios that failed, the scenario that survived

  • All the hacked amounts, both Algo and ASAs. ASAs will be calculated with their price to Algo just prior to the first attack hitting their pools
  • All the LPs stuck in the v1 pools
  • All the amounts that were arbitraged out of your LPs
  • Any successful withdrawals (burns) will be reduced from the compensation amount.

Eligibility criteria

Tinyman sitting on the treasury after the compensation program

What does Tinyman treasury look like after compensation?

Tinyman delivering Compensator 3000

Doing the right thing…

Tinyman's philosophy has always been to treat others the way you want to be treated yourself, and even if it means enduring the pain along the way, we will always remain true to this character.

Moving past compensation and looking ahead!



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