Tinyman Governance Forum: Engage, Vote, and Shape Our Decentralized Future

5 min readMay 15, 2024


Hello, AlgoFam! We are excited to reveal the Tinyman Governance Forum, a significant milestone in our journey towards a fully decentralized and community-driven platform. This forum is designed to facilitate transparent and structured discussions, allowing every member to play an integral role in shaping Tinyman’s future. 🚀

This launch brings us closer than ever to rolling out the $TINY Token and the complete Governance platform, which will further empower our community. Join us in this new era of community governance and access the forum at gov.tinyman.org.

A New Chapter in Decentralization

As the foundation of our governance model, the forum enables users to propose ideas, engage in discussions, and gather feedback. It is designed to ensure voices are heard and considered in the initial stages of proposal development.

Tinyman’s Governance Process is structured in two major parts: the forum and the on-chain voting. The forum part involves community discussions and forum polling to refine proposals. Once a proposal has gained sufficient support, it moves to the on-chain voting stage, where it is formally voted on using the $TINY Token. This process helps develop well-rounded proposals and keeps our community actively involved in Governance.

Join the Governance Forum

Explore the Governance Forum and start contributing to Tinyman’s development. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Proposal Discussions:
    Start by sharing your ideas and participating in proposal discussions with other community members. This stage is essential for refining proposals and gathering diverse perspectives. It’s the first step in measuring interest and building consensus around your idea.
  • Governance Forum Proposal Submissions:
    After refining your ideas, submit them to the Governance Proposals category using our detailed template outlining the proposal’s goals, actions, and expected outcomes. This helps ensure they are comprehensive and easy to evaluate.
  • Community Polling: Include YES-NO polls in your proposal posts on the forum to measure community support. Proposals that receive at least 50 votes and over 50% approval can advance to the on-chain voting stage.

Governance Process Overview

To ensure a robust and transparent governance process, Tinyman’s governance model includes several key stages designed to gather community input, build consensus, and prevent abuse.

  • Governance Forum: The Governance Forum is an open space where anyone can ask questions, give feedback, or share thoughts on any topic related to the Tinyman Protocol. It helps users discuss ideas before creating a governance proposal on the blockchain.
  • Proposal Check (Off-Chain): Users submit an early proposal on the forum to measure community interest and support. This step includes discussions and a vote. For the next 3–6 months, forum polling is required before moving to the on-chain part to prevent abuse. This ensures that proposals have community backing before progressing.
  • Proposal Voting (On-Chain): If a proposal passes the forum stage, it can be submitted to the Governance Platform. This on-chain part is permissionless and designed with automation, but during the initial stage, proposals that do not have forum approval and a corresponding link will be delisted from Tinyman interfaces.
  • Proposal Execution: If the proposal is approved through on-chain voting, the specified actions will be executed.

On-Chain Process Overview

Please note that the on-chain voting process has not been launched yet. It will be introduced with the official launch of the Tinyman Governance Platform and the $TINY Token. Once the on-chain voting process is live, here’s how it will work:

  • On-Chain Submission: Proposals that pass the Governance Forum stage will be submitted for on-chain voting on the Tinyman App. The proposer must hold a minimum amount of $TINY Power to initiate it. This governance phase is designed to be fully on-chain and permissionless, allowing users who meet the prerequisites to initiate a proposal without any approval. However, to prevent abuse in the early stages, proposals that are not discussed in the forum or are not suitable for the governance system may be removed from the Tinyman UI.
  • Waiting Period: Proposals enter a 2-day waiting period for review and discussion before voting begins.
  • Voting Period: The voting period lasts for 7 days, during which all TINY Token holders can participate. All transactions will be recorded on the Algorand blockchain for transparency.
  • Execution: If the proposal is approved through on-chain voting, the specified actions will be executed. There may be some delays for smooth implementation, with larger proposals taking longer due to their complexity.
  • TINY Power: TINY Power can be earned by locking TINY Tokens for periods. (TINY Token Amount x Duration)

We’re working hard on launching the governance platform, and more details will be revealed soon! 🏗

Building a Decentralized Future Together

The Governance Forum is designed to harness the intelligence and creativity of our community. Active participation from our members is crucial for the success of this governance model. By engaging in discussions, proposing ideas, and voting on proposals, you shape the future of Tinyman.

This is a significant milestone in our journey towards a fully decentralized and autonomous platform. We expect a wide range of innovative proposals that will guide Tinyman’s development. Whether it’s major governance decisions, policy changes, or strategic initiatives, every idea has the potential to make a significant impact. This collective effort will foster a more inclusive and democratic environment, serving as the incubator for ideas where innovative concepts are born, debated, and refined.

Join the Conversation

We thank the Algorand community for your continued support and invite you to participate in the Tinyman Governance Forum. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, including upcoming airdrop details, 🪂 which will be shared on the forum. 🔔

Visit gov.tinyman.org to engage in discussions, vote on proposals, and help shape our decentralized future!

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