Tinyman in Governance Period 11: Expanding Rewards, Expanding Horizons

4 min readApr 4, 2024


Hello, Algofam! Welcome to the latest update from Tinyman as we dive into Governance Period 11, showcasing our recent successes and outlining our upcoming strategies.

In this new chapter, we’re elevating the experience for our community, fostering collaboration with our partners, and again doubling rewards to boost the excitement and benefits. With the most exciting times on the horizon, Tinyman is committed to driving the Algorand DeFi ecosystem to new heights. 🚀

Quarter in Review: Strengthening Our Foundation

In Governance Period 10, Tinyman has demonstrated notable growth and engagement. We’re proud to announce the successful distribution of over 1,750,000 $ALGO, with a significant percentage already facilitating the activities of the Algorand network. You can view the details of these distributed rewards at https://explorer.perawallet.app/address/OLDMLHGAS3QPO77ZSBOR6YKDDNYDZ7A5MQ55MKJZZYZEC4JPXYNIQDMUVI/.

Additionally, the farming rewards are further boosted by contributions from various leading Algorand projects. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the strides we’ve made together:

  • Growth: Our Targeted DeFi Rewards (TDR) calculations showcased a remarkable 77M ALGO, representing a 5% increase from the previous period.
  • Engagement: A 20% rise in active LPs in the top 50 pools now numbers 10,000+, boosting our platform’s liquidity. Moreover, Tinyman’s appeal is evidenced by over 20,000 unique users, 18,000 unique swappers, and more than 4 million transactions in this quarter.📈
  • Volume: Tinyman continues to be a major player on Algorand, with over $80M in volume generated, capturing around 60% of the ecosystem’s total trading volume, an increase of 50%.🔥

Strategic Focus and Community-Driven Success

For the next quarter, Tinyman is focused on boosting the growth and liquidity within the Algorand DeFi space. We’ve tailored our allocation criteria to reflect the community’s priorities and market dynamics, ensuring that our rewards distribution aligns with our overarching goals of growth and decentralization:

  • TVL (Total Value Locked) will account for 40% of our focus, emphasizing its pivotal role in the ecosystem’s stability and growth.
  • Trading Volume is allocated a 50%, highlighting the importance of active market participation
  • LP Count is set at 10%, encouraging a wide array of participants to deepen and diversify liquidity.

The distribution of rewards is strategically planned to engage various segments of our ecosystem:

  • A substantial 80% of the rewards are dedicated to 35 ALGO/ASA Pools, catalyzing activity and liquidity in these essential pools.
  • Wrapped Asset Pools are allocated 10%, underlining our commitment to enhancing cross-chain interactions and utility.
  • Lending Pools and the $TINY Token Launch each receive 5%, spotlighting our support for lending activities and the upcoming launch of $TINY.

Concluding with community endorsement, our proposal for this quarter received an overwhelming majority of over 80%🌟 in favor during the voting session. This strong approval highlights the community’s confidence in our roadmap and our collective vision for Tinyman. A big thank you to #algofam! Dive into your farming journey with us soon.

For detailed allocations, see our draft spreadsheet.

Tinyman | Algorand Targeted DeFi Rewards #11

Boosting Rewards with Our Partners

We’re thrilled to announce expanded collaborations with our dedicated partners. A heartfelt thank you goes out to: Algo Casino, Defly Wallet, Gora, Polkagold, Coop, Vestige, Cosmic Champs, MessinaOne, Folks Finance, MeldGold, xBacked, ButtCoin, Algo Gems, MessinaOne, AlgoScout, Cometa, AlGoanna, NIKO, Dharma Network, BlockCreate and Algomint. Each of these partners has contributed to doubling the rewards, amplifying the benefits for our users and their engagement with Tinyman’s ecosystem.

If your project is willing to collaborate and provide incentives to your user base, please feel free to Apply for Tinyman Farms.

Exciting Initiatives on the Horizon

Looking forward, Tinyman is setting up a series of groundbreaking initiatives. The upcoming launch of the Tiny Token is a crucial milestone set to empower our community and accelerate Algorand’s growth. The Governance Forum is being launched soon, a platform to foster deeper community engagement and democratic decision-making. Alongside this, a series of airdrop campaigns are in the pipeline, set to reward and attract our users and the Algorand community. 🪂

Stay tuned for these and more exciting updates. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Find us on our community channels:

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