Tinyman updates, 2022, and beyond!

Hey Algofam, we have some significant updates on our 2022 roadmap. These changes were needed to make room for new additions. This blog will dive deep into these changes and their reasons.

4 min readJun 13, 2022
Wen Token?

First of all, the elephant in the room, Tiny Token!

Tinyman promised to introduce its Governance token to its dearest friends a while back. Since then, we have been exploring ideas to add utilities to our Token, creating a sustainable protocol giving value to the users. However, the models we’ve worked on are highly correlated with the protocol’s revenue generation and usage. Therefore we need to add the current macro environment into our calculations, and things don’t look that bright at the moment.

Therefore, we are postponing the launch of Tinyman Token and its governance structure to Q4.

The decision to delay the launch mainly stems from the current market conditions. We believe this is the best way to protect the protocol and its users by not going against the trend. We strongly believe our decision will contribute to the well-being of the Tinyman project and community in the long run.

Tinyman Token in Q4 2022

Tinyman Token’s launch delay affects the first date we can get our hands on our beloved Tinyman’s ASA. However, it doesn’t affect our preparations. We have fine-tuned the Tokenomics, distribution method, and utilities for the past few months. We are happy to say the design is up for final revision before moving to the production stage.

Our designs ensure that Tinyman’s journey to becoming a DAO will go through Tinyman Token’s Governance mechanism. When we launch the Token, we will also begin introducing the whole structure and how everyone in our ecosystem can use it to become a part of Tinyman’s decision-making system. We expect this to move all of us to the next stage, where we start generating ideas, sharing opinions, and casting our rightfully deserved votes for the changes we want to see. Tinyman already can’t wait for the day we can finally introduce it to you all, a little more patience, and we’ll get there together!

The new Analytics and Staking — or shall we call it Farming now?

Since the roadmap made way for additional features to be updated, we started doubling down on enhancing the Analytics and Farming features. Some updates have already been out, while others are in the final stages of development with more advanced items waiting for their turns.

Tinyman Farming & Tinyman Analytics

We saw the first wave of new analytics attributes for sorting and improved user experience three weeks ago. More updates will arrive to ensure having more advanced Analytics features that will help Tinyman users in their research and overseeing of their accounts.

More improvements in Staking — Farming features will also be heading your way. Following these improvements, we will also ensure you get acquainted with new Farming structures. These structures will not only battle-test our new ideas around the Farming systematics but also see how our community participates in different farming scenarios, entailing what they feel is more favorable for our ecosystem.

Tinyman is growing with new Partnerships.

Tinyman fans might have noticed that lately, we have been announcing more collaborations with the most significant projects of the Algorand family. Until now, we have made public our partnerships with Pera Wallet, Algogems, Defly, FolksFinance, Cosmic Champs, Nimble, Hone, and Metapunks (More to come!). We created different types of campaigns with our partners; and, more good deals are also yet to come. We’re planning on getting busier in the next few weeks with brand new campaigns on different fronts.

We will make sure that our joint efforts with these partnerships, will play a crucial role in developing our beloved Algorand Ecosystem together!

One more thing!

The long-awaited Compensation Staking program is ready. We’ll be announcing the details in the next few days, so stay tuned and get ready.

Let us know what you think.

While we are busy finalizing the items described above, one way you can contribute to Tinyman is by telling what you feel about all the things going around Tinyman. Tinyman team closely monitors every community message and re-shapes its future steps according to your thoughts and feedback. Our social channels will always be waiting for your participation and chatter, don’t let Tinyman miss you!

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