Who is this Tinyman?

4 min readAug 7, 2021
Tinyman from not so far away
Who is this Tinyman?

Tinyman has been on a journey for a couple of months, now it’s time for it to step through the door to start the journey into the bright open world of DeFi on Algorand.

Tinyman came here with the modest goal of bringing secure decentralized trading to the Algorand blockchain. It has built a fully permissionless protocol to trade any Algorand Standard Assets (or Algo) through liquidity pools using an Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithm. We will go into the details of why Tinyman picked Algorand in later blog posts, but for now, it just wants to highlight that Algorand’s secure, fast, cheap, and even friendly to the planet — that’s something important for Tinyman.

Time for Tinyman!

Tinyman enjoying the view

The story that led Tinyman here might be familiar for most of you.

The excitement over Uniswap’s introduction was followed by the attention shown for other protocols. This only proved the eagerness of people who had been longing for a DeFi project they could get their hands on. The numbers confirm that the community kept on adding more fuel to the rocket of DeFi. We all have witnessed the genesis of a new phenomenon with growing liquidity, users pouring in, more and more headlines trying really hard to explain what actually is this DeFi.

Most of the Tinyman’s friends, who helped it build the Tinyman platform, were also among those folks who were caught up in this hype. As a team of builders, who had worked on many fintech-related products in the past, they got pretty excited when the DeFi summer happened. For the first time, they could see these financial tools functioning on the blockchain, equally distant to anyone who wanted to join in on the fun. This was inspiring, to say the least, as they could use their skills to create something that can benefit anyone and everyone.

Tinyman: The Future is at Algorand

However, Tinyman also saw that scalability and usability were some of the big hurdles for this emerging ecosystem that needed to be overcome. This led to Algorand, a groundbreaking blockchain that could offer a fast, cheap, scalable layer-1 decentralized solution. That’s when it began materializing what it had been contemplating and trying its best to create what it could. It had always imagined playing with the boundaries of a DeFi trading protocol that set out to be inclusive, approachable, and profitable for the community.

Tinyman making more friends.

Since we are on the subject, Tinyman wanted us to shout out to all the early fans, the first community members, who have been very supportive and showed a sincere interest in the project. They even beat Tinyman and his friends to the punch and created an unofficial Telegram group before they did. By the way, Tinyman’s is also live now, and they promised to make up for being late to the Telegram party with sweet, sweet gifs of Tinyman.

Can you spot Tinyman?

Back to the story, one thing Tinyman noticed was how significant the community is in doing any project in this space flourish. So it wanted to design something fun and inclusive, taking inspiration from what is out there. As the project grows, we aim to improve the UI and UX by listening to its users. The ambition is to create a transparent, informative experience for all participants, specially for the newbies.

Tinyman Decentralized AMM protocol

In a nutshell, the Tinyman is:

  • Community-based: To inspire and get inspired with.
  • Decentralized: Aiming to be a DAO in the near future.
  • Cheap & Fast: Low transaction fees brought to you by Algorand.
Tinyman: DeFi, you were promised!

Tinyman is really excited to start sharing and will let the community explore this tool early next week…

Welcome to the world of Tinyman!

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Tinyman is a re-imagined decentralized trading protocol that utilizes the fast and secure framework of the Algorand blockchain