To some, it might seem like an ordinary week; but to Tinyman, it was the most important one of its life.

Tinyman Wheels

Only a week ago, Tinyman set out on a journey with a new vehicle to give people global access to Algorand Assets. The ambition was to make this access to be as attainable, inexpensive, and effortless as possible and drive the adoption of projects in Algorand through expanded participation. After…

Big News From Tinyman

Tinyman is pleased to announce the conclusion of its seed funding round of $2.5M led by Borderless Capital with the participation of DCG, Arrington Capital, Genesis, The LAO, and many more. …

No gas, no wasted energy. Powered by pure proof of stake for clean green high performance

Let Tinyman’s journey begin!

Tinyman AMM protocol on the Algorand blockchain is deployed on mainnet. Let’s hear it from the man of the hour.


“Me and my friends have been designing this vehicle for the past several months with the ambition to bring you a safe, inclusive and efficient engine in which you…

Tinyman First Audit by Runtime Verification

We are delighted to announce the completion and publication of the audit of Tinyman’s contracts by Runtime Verification.

We engaged Runtime Verification early in the development process to get feedback on our contract’s design and once our code was finalized we began a formal review. The scope of the audit…

Tinyman at Algonaut’s AlgoFest 2021

On the 1st of September, Algonauts Official held AlgoFest 2021, an online organization that brought together projects that run on Algorand and the Algorand fans. This one day event was live on Algonaut Discord server and Youtube channel and lasted all day.

Tinyman team was also one of the invitees…

Tinyman after a long day’s work

Last week, we presented the Tinyman Platform to our community on the Testnet. The main purpose was to help Tinyman combine efforts with everyone who wishes to contribute to look for additional ideas and explore any existing bugs and vulnerabilities before the Mainnet Launch. …

1, 2, 3 … CHECK CHECK

Tinyman is excited to reach an important milestone in the path to the creation of the Tinyman platform! It is inviting all community members to step inside and begin testing.

Follow the link to step inside:

Testnet is for everyone to get a…

Tinyman from not so far away
Who is this Tinyman?

Tinyman has been on a journey for a couple of months, now it’s time for it to step through the door to start the journey into the bright open world of DeFi on Algorand.

Tinyman came here with the modest goal of bringing secure decentralized trading to the Algorand blockchain…


Tinyman is a re-imagined decentralized trading protocol that utilizes the fast and secure framework of the Algorand blockchain

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